What Type of Office Chairs Are Best for Lower Back Pain?

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We all are bearing long office hours and non-stop sitting work. This working eco-system is not just making us tired but also affecting our entire body and continuously sitting at the same place can adversely our back and can cause a severe problem. To keep our self fit and active while working all day long, we are here with the best types of chairs for reducing the lower back pain. And, if you live in Pune, there are many popular office furniture manufacturers in Pune which especially sell these type of chairs.

Here are some of the key features which you should look while purchasing office chairs:

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Look for curve & flexible back:

As our spine is of curve shape and needs something similar surface for better rest, always choose your office chair with curve back which can move and adjust according to the body movements and keep your back in a state of relaxation and less stress. There are many modular furniture manufacturers in Pune which offers amazing designs; you can go for the mesh-style design as it will keep back adjusted.

Height matters:

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Always go for that chair which let you adjust yourself according to your height concerning the work station. Not having proper height adjustment is one of the primary reasons for lower back pain. Adjust yourself according to your comfort and say goodbye to the lower back pain.

Check for the thigh support:

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It’s always a good tip to check for the thigh support while purchasing the chair. Your thigh helps you sit straight and keep your back in a relaxed position. There are many chairs available which let you recline the chair a little bit to keep your body in the stress-free state. If you are not sure to buy, we recommend you to visit any furniture manufacturers in Pune and try a couple of chairs first.

Soft cushion material:

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Hard material of the chair can put your body in severe back pain because of the less flexibility and comfort. Go for nice soft cushion material to work all day long without any problem. Looking for the best wholesale modular furniture company in Pune? Check out our amazing range of modular furniture for your every need.

The headrest of the chair:

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Last but not least is the headrest facility of the chair. Our spine and brain are connected, when the head is in the correct position, the back will also be in a comfortable state. So, don’t forget to look for a good headrest.

We hope these small and useful tips will help you while choosing the best chair for keeping the back pain away. Along with this, always remember to stretch your body after a couple of hours to regulate a healthy flow of blood and keep yourself fresh while working.


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