Revamp Small Spaces in Style with These Hacks

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Revamp Small Spaces in Style with These Hacks

Decorating small spaces doesn’t have to be chaos in mind. We all want to fit as many things as possible in our place without disturbing the vibes. To get you going with this, we have created some of the best compact home decor hacks that are easy to follow.

Plenty of lightnings

Small rooms can often lose their charm due to lack of lighting, and it’s vital to ensure there is enough source of natural or artificial lightnings. You can go for ceiling lights, hanging lamps, or a simple white LED setup to brighten up the room. If your room doesn’t have a window, go for bright lights that can bring out the authentic charm of the compact place. 

Modular chest of drawers

Keeping things organized is not less than a task. To simplify this, go for a stylish modular chest of drawers. These chest of drawers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours to match the interiors. Depending on the size, these storage masterpieces offer an ample number of compartments to keep things accessible. 

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You will easily find this furniture in Pune, or where you live. Pick the best design that will revamp the place and add up to the overall aesthetics. If your room has both corners empty around the bed, you can get two of them, and they can accommodate a lot of daily utility stuff. 

Give a dedicated spot to your shoes

Unorganized shoes can make the house feel untidy, and you can fix it in a very chic way. A contemporary style modular shoe cabinet will keep your fashionable shoes protected and make your house look more elegant. The modular shoe cabinet is low on maintenance and easy to move around the home. 

You will find several varieties of this modular furniture to organize your shoes like a pro. Many of the shoe cabinets also come with additional space to keep your other outdoor accessories. 

Use the walls smartly

Along with flaunting your art pieces or pictures from your last vacation trip, you can also use them to organize your books. Instead of keeping the books and magazines on a tea table, buy a modular book storage unit and fix it on your designer wall. Whether you are a casual reader or a bibliophile — the options for book storage units are endless. 

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Along with books, keep metal articles, your trophies or artificial indoor plants to give fresh decor to your living room or bedroom. Go for a customized modular book storage unit to match the vibes of your place. 

Switch to a modular bed set

While planning for a complete renovation, most people overlook their bed set. However, switching to a contemporary modular bed set can uplift the style game. These bed sets come with plenty of benefits that make your life hassle-free. Apart from being maintenance-friendly, you can customize them as per your needs while you buy them. 

Be it an attached storage compartment or a personalized bed headrest to glam up the overall bedroom design; there are several modular furniture designs for your bedroom to check out. 

Transform the compact kitchen

The kitchen remains the busiest area, and despite being compact, it’s easier to transform with a modular kitchen setup. For small kitchens, you can go for an L-shaped countertop that accommodates all your appliances, making the area feel more spacious and less cluttered. Explore a wide range of countertop setups at AP Interio, the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune.  

The image used for illustration purposes. AP Interio is not the owner or creator of the image.

These were some quick tips to transform a compact place into a roomy and modern masterpiece. So which tips do you plan to choose for your house?