Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Pune
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Modular Kitchen Furniture

Custom-built or modular furniture are a rage these days owing to the flexibility in arranging them suiting to the space. They are ready-made units that are easy to assemble and dissemble. With endless possibilities of integrating functionality and visual appeal, modular kitchen has taken cooking activities to another level. It comes with pre-built cabinets, and drawers in an exquisite finish, and umpteen colours for choice. The best thing of contemporary furniture is that it can be built in any shape and design to sync with the home decor.

AP Interio is proud of building dream kitchen for ‘n’ number of apartments in Pune. Our modular kitchen furniture are known for durability and quality. Whether the kitchen space is in square or rectangle, big or small, we have talented designers to offer the best intelligent space management. Whether it is cooking, baking, grilling, or roasting, modular kitchen built by us will help you celebrate food and life to your delight.

Modular Kitchen Furniture
modular kitchen furniture in pune

How we work

We understand a kitchen is where a family discusses and shares things that can influence life. As such, our aim is to build a modular kitchen that can give clients a healthy lifestyle. Our team of expert designers will come for an inspection and work over the design of your dream kitchen in consultation with you. We are also capable of incorporating elements of vastu in our design so that everything from cooking to eating can be a bliss.

Our modular kitchens are designed not just with attractive looks, but great use as well. The way they look from outside and offer comfort in placing and taking utensil from the drawers and cabinets will make you stay in the kitchen forever. Every unit of the kitchen is well-organized and is designed considering everyday living. You can call us for consultation by ordering modular kitchen online on our website. If you cannot decide on material, our expert designers are there to guide you. They will also provide colour options that can offer an eclectic look to the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Manufacturers in Pune
Modular Kitchen Furniture in Pune
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Types of modular kitchen

As one of the popular modular kitchen manufacturers, we specialize is all types of kitchen designs, styles, and materials. We offer you maximum options to customize your kitchen. We can inspect your kitchen and offer you these designs:

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

If the kitchen space is ample, then U-shaped modular kitchen is perfect to enjoy the comfort of cooking.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped is quite popular with Indian households since families love to stack ample of utilities in the kitchen for regular and special use.

Parallel or Straight Modular Kitchen

You can overcome space crunch in your kitchen with parallel or straight modular kitchen.

Island Modular Kitchen

If functionality and large storage space are your outlook, then combine the goodness of L-shaped and parallel design. This small kitchen packs all contemporary facilities to maximize cooking experience.

Now you are aware of modular kitchen designs and materials, contact us for a consultation and take a step forward in creating your dream kitchen.

AP Interio is an interior solutions provider and quality modular kitchen manufacture in Pune. You can change your monotonous kitchen into a breakthrough modular kitchen for easy functioning. It can be a space for silent coffee conversations at night after a busy day with your spouse!