5 Must Have Accessories in Your Modern Kitchen

In today’s lifestyle, a kitchen not just serves a space for cooking, but also to discuss professional and personal matters. In fact, many young couples in India find it convenient to chat while cooking. This practice that is catching up with the people could be attributed to the changing kitchen décor. Today, modern kitchen has become the urban flavor, and an essence of modular furniture in Pune. An apartment that lacks a modern kitchen is considered soulless. By modern kitchen, we don’t mean stuffing the space with the latest appliances. It is the accessories used in preparing the space. To make it soulful, incorporating frameless cabinets, smooth, shiny, and stylish hardware, minimal ornamentation, and clean lines in furniture are must-have accessories in your modern kitchen.

Frameless Cabinets

A kitchen is also an area to store things for cooking. To solve it, go for frameless cabinets. In this style, there is no face frame. Plus, there is equal space between the door and the drawers. These types of cabinets offer maximum storage space since they serve as an open-box drawer.  They are popular in Europe, and  have also caught the fancy of kitchen manufacturers in Pune. Moreover, they are easy to assemble using glues, pins, and wood dowels.


Flat-panel cabinet door style

What makes a kitchen cabinet attractive is the cabinet door style. The door can potentially change the look of the cabinet. For a modern kitchen, the cabinet door style that is trending is flat-panel door style. Other door options for a modern kitchen cabinet are shaker door, flat door, and beadboard door. Most modular kitchen manufacturers in Pune use flat-panel cabinet doors for people who prefer minimalist design and maximum utility.

cabinet door

Smooth, shiny, and simple hardware

The beauty of kitchen cabinets depends lots of the hardware used. In this regard, you will find endless option with kitchen furniture Pune. The handles and knobs used on the cabinet doors and drawers add visual appeal to the kitchen. Choose hardware that are smooth and sleek in design, and finished in any classic glossy colour that gels well with the door. Pick the hardware based on quality, functionality, and style.


Horizontal theme

For a modern kitchen, stressing on horizontal lines is necessary. Use the natural grains of kitchen tiles and install them on a horizontal grid on the wall. Use horizontal theme not just on the kitchen wall, but in cabinets and drawers’ fronts, including hardware. Including an island kitchen will also make a horizontal statement.

kitchen theme

Accentuate kitchen with modular furniture

Everything that makes the kitchen functional has to be incorporated in the design. Besides cabinets and drawers, other accessories that go in the modern kitchen are dining tables, chairs, lighting, and stools. Ensure that all these furniture pieces are in sync with the kitchen décor and bear simple, clean lines with minimal ornamentation.

modular kitchen

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